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Numetra Weight Loss Program in Madison, MS

Numetra Weight Loss Program Q&A

Lose weight and live healthy with Fountains Medical Weight Loss. We offer our highly effective, medically supervised numetra program for weight loss with a healthy approach. We are conveniently located at 120 Fountains Blvd Suite 2002, Madison, MS 39110. Please call us for more information or book an appointment online. We serve patients from Madison MS, Jackson MS, Ridgeland MS, Canton MS, Flora MS, Brandon MS, and Meltonville MS.

Numetra Weight Loss Program Near Me in Madison, MS
Numetra Weight Loss Program Near Me in Madison, MS

At Fountains Medical, not only do we focus on what you consume, but also your behavior – because it’s your behavioral changes that will carry you through to long term success. We all know people who have lost a significant amount of body fat, only to gain it back. To manage your weight for a lifetime, you need to make permanent changes in the role food plays in your life.

The Numetra program also incorporates the Numetra line of health products. These food and beverage products were developed after a comprehensive review of recent academic research. They are designed to help you feel fuller for longer, and promote optimal metabolism and nutrition for weight loss.

– Numetra VLCD
The Numetra VLCD offers rapid weight loss and provides you with 5 meal replacements per day, completely removing your need to purchase anything from the grocery store, or to prepare your own meals. This is an effective, and safe way to rapidly lose weight that requires close medical monitoring throughout your weight loss. To participate in the Numetra VLCD, you’ll first need to be medically evaluated by our staff.

– Numetra LCD
The Numetra LCD program offers a scalable Calorie goal to fit anyone who does not medically qualify for the VLCD program or who would rather take a more moderate approach to weight loss. The number of daily meal supplements you are prescribed, will vary based upon your Caloric needs. This will be calculated at your initial visit.

How does the Numetra program work?

The first step is to undergo a screening process with our staff at Fountains Medical. This will include a history and physical exam, lab work, EKG, and body fat analysis. We’ll discuss the programs with you, and help you set your weight-loss goals.

Level 1 is quick, efficient weight loss! You’ll be enjoying the Numetra products at this time, and possibly also healthy meals to complement them. The Numetra products are nutritionally complete, high in protein, and optimized for your metabolism, and they contain few calories. Instead of burning so many calories for energy, your body will burn more fat and actually learn to burn fat more efficiently! You might be worried that you’ll be hungry during this period, but your hunger will likely lessen due to the presence of ketones and the effectiveness of the Numetra products at curbing appetite.

Level 2 is to gradually decrease your use of the Numetra products and introduce healthy foods into your daily diet. This will help you get to and manage a healthy weight.

Level 3, the last step, is to sustain your weight and your results. You’ll be eating regular, healthy foods and practicing weight-management methods under our professional guidance. Before now, you’ve learned behavioral changes, and gained solid nutritional knowledge. Most importantly, you’ll have a plan. You’ll know what it takes to achieve maintenance, what to do when your weight starts to creep up and what to do when it starts to get out of control.