Men’s Facial Treatment Questions and Answer

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Men’s Facial Treatment Near Me in Madison, MS

What are the benefits of a men’s facial?

Facials aren’t just for women anymore. More and more men are realizing the benefits of a facial to improve their overall skin texture and appearance and are giving them a try. Facials are a skin treatment procedure that is performed by a licensed professional in a licensed setting such as a med spa or dermatologist’s office. In basic steps, a facial will typically involve cleaning, exfoliating, a massage, extraction and a mask applied to the skin on the face. This can seem very similar to what men do at home as their standard skin care regimen but the difference with a facial as opposed to your at-home regimen can be compared to washing your car at home versus taking it through a car wash. A facial will provide that deep clean that isn’t achievable unless done by a professional. Facials are better able to remove blackheads and pimples in a safe manner, reducing the size of the pores, as well as the likelihood of scarring. The exfoliation received during a facial is done to remove dead skin cells, reduce pore size, improve skin tone and allow moisturizer to penetrate deeper. It can target the deeper layers of skin; unlike any exfoliation treatment you would use at home.

How often should a man get a facial?

The frequency of your facial treatments will depend on several factors, including where you are getting them done and the results you are hoping to achieve. If you are getting your facials done in a med spa or a traditional day spa, being performed by an esthetician, you may need to get a facial completed roughly every 3 to 4 weeks to maintain your results. If you go with a dermatologist, you may only need to get facials a few times a year as they are able to use medical grade procedures and products to get deeper below the surface of the skin. Men who spend more time outdoors or who spend less time on their skin care regimen would benefit from more frequent facial treatments to give the skin a deep clean and really clean the pores, as well as remove dead skin cells. The decision will ultimately depend on what the purpose of the facial was and what each man is looking to achieve from his facial treatments.

Is getting a facial worth it?

A good facial is definitely worth the time and money. Just ask our team of professionals at Fountains Medical and our patients. Facials don’t take very long to perform, and they are great to have done either on a regular basis, such as monthly, or at least once a season to give the skin a refresh. Getting a good facial is similar to getting a good haircut and you will leave with your skin feeling fresh and smooth, as well as it looking brighter and rejuvenated. A facial will be able to remove dead skin cells that no amount of at-home exfoliation will be able to remove, in addition to giving the skin a good deep cleaning. They are also relaxing, so if nothing else, look at them as an opportunity to lay back and relax while someone else cleans, exfoliates, massages and moisturizes your skin for a change.

How long does a facial for men last?

Facial results will typically last for three to six weeks depending on the facial that was done and the at-home skin care regimen that men follow. Facials performed at a med spa or day spa are generally performed by an esthetician, who while trained and licensed to perform a facial, is not a medical professional and the facial will only affect the topmost layers of skin. A facial performed by a dermatologist will last longer as they are able to go deeper under the surface of the skin to really treat the skin. Men who regularly deep clean, exfoliate and moisturize at home can expect their facial to last longer than men who do the bare minimum of skin care. Talk to our team of leading professionals today at Fountains Medical about facials for men. We are here to answer all your questions and to help you look and feel your best. We serve patients from Madison MS, Jackson MS, Ridgeland MS, Canton MS, Flora MS, Brandon MS, and Meltonville MS. Looking forward to serve you!