Hormone Replacement Therapy Questions and Answers

Searching for hormone replacement therapy in Madison, MS? Fountains Medical have customized for each individual, for proper body functioning, metabolism, and overall well-being. Please call us for more information or book an appointment online. We serve patients from Madison MS, Jackson MS, Ridgeland MS, Canton MS, Flora MS, Brandon MS and Meltonville MS.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Near Me in Madison, MS

Hormone imbalance can cause a myriad of problems in our daily lives, from weight gain, mental fogginess and fatigue to bloating and dry skin. The middle age spread just happens to coincide with a natural drop, and frequently an imbalance, in hormone production. At Fountains Medical, we recognize the important role that hormones play in proper body functioning, metabolism, and overall well-being. 

What Can I Expect from Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

At Fountains Medical, a quick yet thorough lab test will give us a whole-picture look at what’s going on with your hormone levels. We typically have results back in just a few days. Once we receive your lab results, our certified doctor or nurse practitioner will discuss your results, your medical history, symptoms you are experiencing, and any other relevant information to determine whether or not Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is a good fit for you. The procedure to insert the pellets takes only a few minutes and is virtually painless after the sting of numbing medication. You will likely begin to experience positive results within 3 weeks of pelleting, and will continue to enjoy the results for several months! Follow up bloodwork is done a few weeks later to be sure you have reached optimal hormone levels.

I’m not in menopause/andropause, why would I need hormone replacement?

Testosterone levels in otherwise healthy women and men tend to drop long before “the change of life.” Many of the typical “getting older” symptoms can be explained by this. If your hormones are optimized, you can expect your energy to increase, to have better sleep and mental clarity, to improve your ability to lose weight, and to have increased libido. If that isn’t enough, hormone optimization may offer protection to a healthy breast, bone, brain, and heart.

I have taken hormone pills/shot/cream/gel before. I didn’t like it. Why would this be better?

Many patients have experienced disappointment with other methods of hormone replacement therapy due to unpleasant side effects, or just a lack of improvement in their symptomology. The BioTE Method may work for you where other synthetic hormone replacement therapy has not. The pellets are made from bioidentical hormones and are absorbed into the blood stream. This process reduces side effects because the medication is not altered by the liver, and because your body’s hormone receptors cannot tell the difference in these and your own hormones. Additionally, the effects of the pellets last several months, maintaining a steady therapeutic level, rather than peaks and troughs which produce irregular and annoying symptoms when using other methods. You will likely begin to see positive results within the first three weeks of pellet therapy, and typically will only need re-pelleting 3-4 times/year for women, or 2-3 times/year for men.

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