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Customized Facial in Madison, MS

Customized Facial Treatment Specialist in Madison, MS

Our experienced cosmetic skin care treatments at Fountains Medical are vital for the health of your skin. All treatments are tailored to your specific requirements. We are conveniently located at 120 Fountains Blvd Suite 2002, Madison, MS 39110. Please call us for more information or book an appointment online.

Customized Facial Treatment Specialist Near Me in Madison, MS
Customized Facial Treatment Specialist Near Me in Madison, MS

Fountains Medical is proud to offer a wide variety of services such as microneedling, botox, and much more. The supportive professionals at our clinic have the specialized training and education required to give our patients high-quality medical spa services. What makes our clinic special is our custom-tailored treatments designed specifically for our patients’ unique needs and goals.

What is a customized facial?

A customized facial at Fountains Medical focuses on your skin’s tone, texture, and complexion. Whether your skin is suffering from acne, too much oil, dehydration, or any other skin concern, a customized facial can help!

After your facial treatment, you can resume normal activities right away. Talk to your specialist about the ways you can properly take care of your skin at home. With the right skin care recommendations, the results of your treatment will last longer!

How often should you get a facial?

For the best results, we recommend you get a facial once every four weeks. Once a month, your skin cells will begin to grow back, and a monthly facial will ensure your face is always looking youthful. Scheduling regular treatments is an amazing way of caring for yourself and for your face!

What does a facial do to your skin?

Facials remove dead skin cells, enhance the appearance of your skin, diminish enlarged pores, and much more! Here are a few incredible benefits of a customized facial:

– Encourages collagen production
– Improves skin elasticity
– Deeply cleanses
– Improves the overall appearance of skin
– Reduces fine lines
– Clears and prevents acne
– Clears clogged pores
– Exfoliates dull dead skin cells
– Hydrates the skin
– Brightens skin
– Relieves dehydrated skin
– Prevents signs of aging
– Tightens the skin