Anti-Inflammatory Diet Questions and Answers

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Anti-Inflammatory Diet Near Me in Madison, MS

You might be hearing a lot about how inflammation in the body can lead to significant health issues. A lot of the information out there suggests that a proper, anti-inflammatory diet could be very beneficial, and we believe this too here at Fountains Medical. We provide anti-inflammatory diets in Madison MS, so you can come to us for a full meal plan that will last you a lifetime and quite possibly give you a longer life too. Contact us today to get started, or read on to learn more about anti-inflammatory diets.

What is the fastest way to reduce chronic inflammation in the body?

The thing about inflammation is that it happens naturally to help your body heal and protect it from harm, but if it happens chronically, it can be detrimental to the body. This can lead to many different health problems, like diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, and cancer. It’s understandable that you want to reduce chronic inflammation in your body.

Reducing chronic inflammation might require one or more actions, depending on your health. For example, obesity, an inactive lifestyle, and stress can contribute to chronic inflammation. Reducing these things in your life takes time and patience, but they could have a major effect. Consuming a lot of sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, refined carbs, processed and packaged foods, foods with trans fat, vegetable oils, and/or alcohol could also contribute to chronic inflammation. By reducing your intake of these foods, you can quickly and easily reduce inflammation in your body. An anti-inflammatory diet can help with just this!

What’s the difference between anti-inflammatory and other diets?

The focus of the anti-inflammatory diet is reducing inflammation in the body while eating healthily, so the diet will include fewer inflammatory foods and more anti-inflammatory foods. Typically, the diet will include things like fruits (especially high-fat fruits like avocados), healthy fats (like olive oil), fatty fish, vegetables, nuts, peppers, dark chocolate, spices, green tea, and red wine. These foods are especially healthy and excellent for reducing inflammation in the body. Many of them are also rich in antioxidants which have other benefits too.

How quickly does an anti-inflammatory diet work?

Along with exercise and quality sleep, an anti-inflammatory diet may provide many benefits, including an improvement in symptoms of arthritis, inflammatory bowel syndrome, and other autoimmune disorders. Patients will also have a reduction in inflammatory markers in their blood. And along with all this, patients will be at a lower risk for heart disease, diabetes, depression, obesity, cancer, and other serious health issues.

The effects of an anti-inflammatory diet are gradual, but there are major, long-term benefits. It can take several days or weeks for the full benefits to take effect, but these benefits will last a lifetime and even offer you a longer life too. It’s absolutely worth it.

Do you provide an anti-inflammatory diet near me in Madison, MS?

Yes, we do! We offer balanced, nutritional, anti-inflammatory diets for our patients. These diet plans are custom-made for each patient, taking into account any weight-loss goals and health requirements the patient has and, of course, factoring in the best anti-inflammatory foods out there. And if our patients commit to their diets, they’ll quickly begin to see the many, many benefits. Our diets are medically supervised, which increases your chance of success.

If you’d like to learn more about anti-inflammatory diets and medically supervised dieting here at Fountains Medical, then reach out to us today. You can call to learn more or to book a consultation with us. You can also book that consultation with us online. During a consultation, we’ll take a look at your medical history and ask you about your current health goals. Then we can help you put together a truly effective anti-inflammatory diet plan.

We hope to hear from you very soon here at Fountains Medical in Madison, MS!